Guided tour, Dinner and Beering @ Holzmarkt cooperative

Get intersting insides in the Holzmarkt cooperative and their projects from urban gardening, artists crafting to clubbing and public open spaces: “The Holzmarkt is not just a street in Berlin with an eventful history. People think of nature, economy and culture together. We open and create spaces for creativity to live and work. Where the scar between East and West is still visible today, a lively neighborhood is to be created that connects Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte. No wall, no fence blocks the view to the Spree. The Holzmarkt will attract, delight, inspire and bring together people from Berlin and the world. They find peace and fun, work and entertainment, can help shape and enjoy. Sustainability and change are not a contradiction for us. We create a field of tension between modern architecture and a timber market in the sense of the word. New technologies and crafts are fertilizing each other. The Holzmarkt leaves room for new things, does not remain static. We want to create value, experiment, learn in a unique, livable place.”

Wednesday - 9th May, 18:30 h we start from c-base mainhall, 19:15 h we meet with Hannes there

After the guided tour (english/german) we will have a self paid dinner and chillout at the Pampa and enjoy the sundown. Some might like to go to late night clubbing at Kater Blau …

Please add yourself, if you like to join the pleasure trip! That make it easier for us to plan the tour, thanks.