If you plan to attend, please add yourself early to this page and provide your meal preferences and t-shirt size, in case you want one (to edit the page you can click here). Start preparing your presentation, lightning talk, workshop, idea, announcement or open space you want to run. The event is *free of charge*, but contributions are very welcome, so please have a look at the supporters page as well, thanks in advance. T-Shirt will cost around 10 EUR.

# nick/name days community meal preferences t-shirt size (unisex)
1dagelfTue-Thuzenzeleni.netbaseband chips&co-creationM
2monic Mon-Sun freifunk.net no preferences M
3clauz ninux.org no preferences L
4Filipe B. Teixeira INESC TEC no preferences L
5DanielP Fri-Sun freifunk.net L
6mwarning Freifunk Ulm/Bielefeld XL
7Andi Bräu mainly Fri-Sun freifunk.net no preferences L
8Simon Wunderlich Mo-Sun B.A.T.M.A.N. L
9Axel Neumann Mo-Sun BMX7 no preferences XL
10Senthilkumar Mon -Sun openfreenet.org No preferences M
11NeoRaider Gluon vegetarian XL
12ordex Mon-Sun B.A.T.M.A.N. L
13Henning OLSR.org XL
14Panos Antoniadis not sure yet nethood.org M
15Stefan Venz XL
16 txt.file Mon-Sun Freifunk Chemnitz e.V. vegetarian S
17jom Sa -Sun Freifunk Ansbach No preferences XXL
18Carsten Mo-Sun Freifunk Hannover No preferences XXL
19Vininc Mo-Sun Freifunk Essen No preferences M
20wiedi Sa-Sun No preferences M
21brosys Sa-Sun burger (No preferences) M
22Debora Leal Mon-Tue Puris vegetarian P
23thevoid/Nuri Mon-Sun HIIG vegetarian L
24p1ng0ut Fr-So FF-Jena in Leipzig mostly vegetarian, maybe a bit meat XXL
25drozdziak1 Mo-Sun mostly vegetarian XXL
26CarstenFr,SaFreifunk PotsdamNo preferencesM
27guifipedroMon-SunGuifi.net / eXO.cat*M
28James Stevens Wed-Sun OWN Mazi Vegetarian XL
29Catrinel Thu-Sun Embedded Wireless Everything L
30Thomas Huehn Mo-Sun Evernet eG everything XL
31Marcel Morsdorf Wed-Sun Freifunk Nord everything XL
32Moritz Wed-Sun Freifunk Kiel everything M
33Felix Fri-Sun Freifunk Leverkusen / VfN NRW e.V. everything L
34Paul Fuxjaeger Mo-Sun Funkfeuer Vienna M
35Math Jud Mo-Sun qaul.net everything S
36Julius Schulz-Zander Mo-Sun secret freifunk mostly vegan + meat L
37Krishna Mo-Wed TU Dresden everything M
38Musuuu Tue-Sun ninux.org no preferences M
39Michael Mon-Sun freifunk-mk no preferences 3XL
40HaukeWed-SatOpenWrtno preferences L
41Nina Tumanishvili Mon - Sun HelloHub Vegetarian M
42Thijs van Veen Mon - Sun no preferences XL
43 lynxis Mon-Sun OpenWrt vegetarian L
44 ralphtheninja Mon-Sun anything XL
45 nbd Mon-Sun OpenWrt anything M
46 itec Wed-Sun ninux.org no preferences XL
47Eduardo Coelho Mon-Sun no preferences XL
48GG Mon-Sun no preferences L
49Iwanovich Mon-Sun cheese hater M
50Olaf Mon-Sun cheese hater S
51 flash Freifunk Berlin anything S
52 derhess no preferences
53 Brian Hall Mon-Sun NYC Mesh anything M
54 Zach Giles Mon/Tues-Sun NYC Mesh anything M
55 Mary D-L Sat-Sun Commons Researcher anything
56 Gabriel Sun-Sun ninux.org anything L
57 dvn Mon-Sun vegan L
58 3zlSun-Suni4free-granyL
59 Ryan Mon-Sun no preference L
60Lorena Thu-Sun co-Nectar/LASSE/UFPA no preference M
61 Moacir Thu-Sun co-Nectar/LASSE/UFPA no preference M
62 Thiago Novaes Mon-Sun coolab.org no preference M
63 yanosz Fr-Sun koeln.ccc.de no preference XL
64 adorfer Thu-Sun ffdus.de !(molluscs||crustaceans) none

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