I am fairly new to applied mesh networking, having only read about it for years. Now, I am working with individuals who, like me, have moved to New Hampshire to seek out a new life and create a better tomorrow by applying the ideals of individual liberty and individual responsibility to our daily lives. FreeStateMesh.net is our project and our goals are in line with our community's values. The community I speak of is made up of natives and immigrants to New Hampshire which mainly include self-described market anarchists, libertarians, voluntaryist, minarchists, and the like. Basically, the philosophical children of the Enlightenment have an idea to migrate to one location to create our vision for a peaceful world - and thousands are migrating.

Please join me at my talk during which I'll cover:
the philosophy of voluntaryism (see http://voluntaryist.com/)
the migration (see http://fsp.org and http://shiresociety.com)
what problems mesh networking solves for my community or why I think individualists are attracted to this solution
my history with mesh networking
where http://FreeStateMesh.net is and where it is going, and where we need help and ideas!

After the talk there will of course be time for questions, and I'll have a selection of literature covering various projects individuals in my community are taking on.