Freifunk beginners workshop and advanced settings

Friday, May 11th - 7:30pm sharp (we want to give some spare time to previous lections) -10:30pm ceminar room, c-base, Rungestr. 20, Berlin-Mitte

The workshop will be held in english (unless all participants are fluent in german language).


  • Part 1 - Basic setup (~ 1hr)
    • Find ur hardware
    • get ur firmware, creds and ips
    • Flashing the router
    • Basic setup (community-tunnel keys, share internet, …)
    • View statistics, etc.
  • Part 2 - Advanced setup (~ 1,5hrs)
    Project: Use wifi for uplink instead of ethernet
    • Networks, interfaces, the Freifunk network and its services
    • Configure the tunnel-firmware to use a wifi-uplink
    • Shell access, logread, config files and hotplug scripts
    • Modify the no-tunnel-firmware to use a wifi-uplink


Please bring the following things to the workshop:

  • Laptop to configure the router
  • Network cable to connect the router to the laptop
  • Router for flashing, that is suitable for the Freifunk firmware (at least 8MB flash, recommended: GL-AR150, GL-MT300N, WR842N/ND)
    We will order 10 GL-AR150 that can be used during the workshop and purchased at the cost price (~28€) after the workshop.
    Don't forget the micro USB power adapter.

Optional (can be useful):

  • Power strip
  • Mobile phone to check our new hotspot


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  • Thorsten, Freifunk Spandau
  • Holger, Freifunk Spandau
  • Alex, Berlin
  • Richard, Berlin
  • Holger, Schöneiche
  • Franka (2 people), Berlin
  • Rainer-Maria, Berlin
  • Christian, Berlin
  • p1ng0ut, Leipzig
  • Robin, Berlin (bringt eigenen Router mit)
  • Sascha, Berlin (mit eigenem Router)
  • Nicole und Fabian, Falkenhagener Feld Spandau
  • Frieder, Schöneberg
  • Martin, Fürstenwalde (mit eigenem Router)
  • Olaf, Netherlands (i'll bring my own x86 based lede router)
  • Evgeny, Berlin (with own router)

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